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    Hello, I have one bug and one wish regarding the display of contact information.
    <h3>Bug. Line spacing diminishes when a contact has a lot of content</h3>
    In this example (edited for privacy), I narrowed the central column with all the names of my contacts.

    Contacts with limited contents are displayed perfectly legibly. However, contacts with lots of content such as this one are displayed with reduced line spacing. For example below,
    – many descenders (g, p, q) are clipped
    – for addresses, only part of the first line is displayed: it’s impossible to see the street name completely (“ocher” and “Catherine” are clipped), and it’s impossible to see the city name, postal code and country.
    All the information is still there, and if I were to erase all the notes, then the addresses would be displayed correctly.

    <h3>Wish : Make address boxes wider</h3>
    Even when there is lots of space in the right panel (the one that shows detailed information on a contact), the address field is crammed into a narrow box. This means that addresses that should be on a single line (ex.: 8 rue de la Place-des-Géraniums, bureau 222) appear on 3, sometimes 4 lines. It would be wonderful if the address boxes used the full width of the right panel.

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