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    I use Cardbook as a stand-alone, not connected to a server. I need to create a fresh Thunderbird profile (to fix some issues in the old profile) and reinstall the addons. There are questions:

    1. install the Cardbook add-on first and then copy over the old profile Cardbook directories or

    2.  copy old Cardbook directory to new profile first and install the add-on later

    Or some other approach I have not thought of?

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    if you use a local address book (and not a directory or a file), you should copy the storage directory where is the indexedDB database used by Cardbook…. not sure this is the best approach as you might copy others things within this directory…

    I advise you to export all your contacts to a directory and then to reimport them in a newly created address book… and don’t forget to make backups ;O)

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    There must be a better approach. I have 16 address books, all in the directory [my_old_profile]\*.mab and also as [my_old_profile]\cardbook.

    I guess one approach is to collapse these to a single address book and use the Category feature of Cardbook to segregate the addresses. Then export and import.

    I tried installing Cardbook in the new (empty) profile and copying over the cardbook and mab files from [my_old_profile]. This does not work.

    I wonder if a server approach would be better. Can I change to a “server” cardbook repository and preserve the current multiple address book configuration? How?

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    you can not change the type of an address book… you have to create remote address book… export|import to|from a directory is the easiest I think…

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    OK. This worked.

    1. In the old profile, Export existing Cardbook Address books as *.vcf files. One for each Address book.
    2. In the new profile, Import each *.vcf to create a new Address Book. The sequence is New Address Book>Local>Open Existing>Select the exported *.vcf.
    3. Re-select the colour

    What would be an improvement is that the colour travelled with the address book VCF Export file.

    This ‘solution’ could be added to the Wiki.

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    for the colors and others address book related properties, you may get them from your old profile in the file prefs.js (all the lines *cardbook*data*)

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