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    First of all, thanks for Cardbook – I’m using it for months now and makes my life much easier.

    I just found out about the Lightning-birthday-sync feature and it seems to work fine – thanks for that as well! 🙂

    However, I’m using KDE Addressbook to actually edit the VCF file which I then integrate into Thunderbird using Cardbook.

    KDE Addressbook uses a custom field


    to represent anniversaries like wedding dates.

    I read about the vCard 4 standard field (, I read and I found out about adding anniversaries to the notes field, which also works fine.

    However, as KDE Addressbook uses this custom field, it would be very convenient to use it (it’s just already set for many contacts) and it’d be a nice feature to enable the anniversary parsing which Cardbook already does for the notes field also for arbitrary custom fields.

    I have an extension to the custom fields config tab in mind (or similar) where I can just flag specific custom fields as “contains anniversary of type ‘Wedding Day'” or whatever, which cardbook then uses to generate / synchronize the calendar events.

    Is this still possible, or would this be a viable feature request?



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