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    I’m not sure how this happened, but I was trying to resize one of the panes in the Cardbook display, and suddenly all of my contacts disappeared. I then watched in horror as over the next few seconds, all deletions were synchronized to my CardDAV server.

    I recently backed up my machine, but I wasn’t able to find where the Cardbook contacts were stored. Some questions.

    • What happened?
    • How can I recover my contacts?


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    woh :  really unlucky

    so first when this happens, delete your address book and recreate it…. and for the beef, I have really no idea on how this happened… it is the first that such an issue (deleting all the contacts in a user operation) is reported…

    so to recover, stop Thunderbird, restore your Thunderbird profile and then restart…

    I’m very interested if you were able to reproduce….

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    Hmmm…restoring my Thunderbird profile didn’t seem to help. Do you know where the actual files would be stored so that I can take a look? I looked inside cardbook/<UUID>/ but didn’t see anything there.


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